The Inland Empire Business Journal wishes all a very Happy New Year
for 2015.  As you have read in our December 2014 issue, the Inland
Empire will cease its publication until a new owner wishes to
re-launch the journal at a later date.  As of this date, the Inland
Empire Business Journal has not been sold nor has it approved of any
other transfer of its name to any other publication.

         Any publication which states they are the Inland Empire
Business Journal is in violation of trademark rights which is
exclusively owned by Ingrid Anthony.  Ingrid Anthony will aggressively
enforce its trademark rights under applicable
federal and state laws.  Sadly, days after the publisher, William
Anthony, died, a publication had claimed that they
were the new owners.  After 25 years of hard work and much effort,
this has caused us much grief and despair.

A solution to this matter will be dealt with very shortly.
Thanks again for all the reader support shown from the moment
the publication was first published in April 1989 until this past
         The name of the new owner will be announced on this Website,
and we look forward to its continued tradition of publishing
informative business news relating to the Inland Empire.

                            A Good-bye and a Thank You
It as been our pleasure, each month for the past 25 years, to keep
you informed of the triumphs and challenges facing the Inland Empire
business community. Sadly, the Inland Empire Business Journal, under
the publishers of William and Ingrid Anthony, will cease publication
after this month’s edition. We thank you for your continued patronage
and support; we couldn’t have done it without you. We hope that you’ve
enjoyed reading the stories about business developments in our region
as much as we’ve enjoyed bringing them to you.

As of press time, we are talking with a third party (a well-known
publication conglomerate) about the possible re-launch of the Inland
Empire Business Journal at a later time. It is our sincere hope that a
new publisher will continue the tradition of the Inland Empire
Business Journal long into the future.

A thank you to all our advertisers, writers, and readers for their
contributions and interest. We wish all a very Happy Holiday Season
and a very Happy New Year.

Editor’s Note: All matters regarding subscriptions and inquiries
should be sent to Inland Empire Business Journal, P.O. Box 1979,
Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91729-1979. Please be aware that Inland Empire
Business Journal™ is a trademark of Ingrid Anthony. Any use of the
trademark without the written authorization of Ingrid Anthony is
strictly prohibited and may constitute a violation of its rights.
Ingrid Anthony will aggressively enforce its trademark rights under
applicable federal and state laws.